Saturday, November 3, 2018

FAQ Video Series: Mobile Forensics

What is mobile forensics and how can you use it for your case? In this edition of our Frequently Asked Questions videos, we provide an overview and answers questions about deleted and recovered text messages and more. Apple and Android are different and it's important that your mobile forensic analyst knows the proper approach to the specific device(s) in your case.


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FAQ Video Series: Cellular Call Detail Records - Analysis and Mapping

In this video, Pro Digital Principal Consultant Patrick Siewert talks about cellular provider call detail records analysis and mapping. He describes what it is, how the records are obtained, which types of cases can utilize the records, examples of what may be shown in court, and what's required to obtain the information. This type of data can commonly be used in Insurance Fraud investigations, divorce cases/custody disputes and validation of an opposing analysts findings in criminal or civil litigation.

Pro Digital also offers these services to prosecutors offices working major crimes who may not have access to analysts with the expertise to interpret and map these records.


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